Revolutionize Retirement Radio Show
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Revolutionize Retirement Radio Show

Though most people spend countless hours doing financial planning for retirement, how many people do emotional planning? Retirement is a huge transition, and it’s important to think not only about how much money you’ll have, but also how you will create the kind of life you want. 

Whether you are about to retire, newly retired or have been retired for a long time, it’s never to late to talk openly about how you feel and the difficulties and joys of retirement.

In this program, you will discover the importance of articulating anxieties about retirement, including:

  • Making the Decision

  • Fears of Isolation and Losing a Community

  • Fears of Losing Your Identity

  • Trusting Yourself

  • Fears of Getting Sick

  • Calming exercises

  • Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling retirement

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