Poised for Retirement: Moving from Anxiety to Zen

Poised for Retirement: Moving from Anxiety to Zen
Published: June 13, 2017

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Poised for Retirement - Reading/Signing
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Poised For Retirement:
Moving from Anxiety to Zen
by Louise Nayer
Published June 13, 2017

(Poised For Retirement)

A unique narrative on a unique time offering solace to people nearing retirement. Poised for Retirement is not your parents' retirement guide, nor is it a financial planning guide; rather, it's the relatable story of an ordinary working woman reflecting on her life and career.

Written with humor, compassion, and poignancy, Nayer's poetic prose is also inspirational. Easy to implement visualizations and breathing and sleep techniques are offered at the end of each chapter. Readers will gain insight and wisdom as the author learns to create a new and healthier life during this important transition.

Few decisions are as momentous as when -- and how -- we retire. Louise Nayer gives us a compassionate and detailed account of her own journey, while including insights from ordinary retirees and experts. A must read for anyone considering this step.
- Eleanor Vincent
Author of Swimming with Maya: A Mother's Story
Not only will you gain insight from Louise's story, but also from those she interviews and from the great exercises that help people find happiness and calm during this huge life transition. This books speaks eloquently to the truth of the retirement journey.
- Ravi Chandra
MD, DFAPA, Psychiatrist and Buddhist Practitioner
photo by Jarda Brych, shindigphotography.com